Why I am running for re-election to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners:

It continues to be my honor to serve the citizens of New Hanover County. I am passionate about my public service, have the time to serve and I am committed to continuing to ensure that our County grows and prospers while protecting our natural resources that contribute to our quality of life.

My platform continues to be pro-job creation and economic development, pro-education, pro-public safety, and protecting our natural resources and quality of life. I want to see the many initiatives that I have supported these past three years come to fruition; such as economic development initiatives including private sector corporate capital investments, job retention and creation, our school system’s capital improvements, which the voters overwhelming approved with the passage of the school bond referendum, which I supported; and I want to see the NHC long range comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance revisions come to fruition.

My long term relationships with our legislators in southeastern N.C. and across the state, allow me to advocate for issues important to our citizens and New Hanover County, such as in the most recent legislative session- to restore our film industry grant program, historic preservation grant program, and to work for sustainable funding sources for shallow draft inlet dredging and shoreline preservation efforts. My established relationships and involvement in the N.C. Association of County Commissioners have helped in these legislative advocacy efforts, especially in the recent advocacy for the prevention of sales tax redistribution.


I will bring my experience of effective listening, problem solving, and communication skills to the Board of County Commissioners. It is imperative that our county and municipal governing boards lead by listening and understanding our citizen’s concerns. I will encourage frequent communication between the county and municipalities to address important issues on behalf of all of our citizens. I have the time, proven public service record and the sincere commitment to serve all of the citizens.

Vision for Economic Development

The need to create sustainable private-sector jobs that are compatible with our coastal environment is the most important concern facing our county. I understand that the best way to stimulate New Hanover County’s economy is to create an environment in which entrepreneurs and small businesses can grow, prosper and create private-sector jobs. We should invest in infrastructure to meet the needs of our citizens and to encourage responsible growth with effective, efficient regulatory processes, while making informed planning and zoning decisions.

Our county faces the challenge of minimizing taxes and adequately funding our schools and county services. County leaders must promote and maintain a pro-business atmosphere and a respectable image in order to retain our existing businesses and recruit new businesses with good jobs that are compatible with our wonderful coastal environment.  We are fortunate to live in an area with an exceptionally high quality of life supported by an excellent health care system,  university and community college, which are just a few of the many great attributes that I feel make our county very attractive to new corporate investment.

Common-Sense Regulatory Environment

Burdensome regulations can weigh down our small businesses and entrepreneurs.  As your County Commissioner, I will work to ensure that New Hanover County’s regulatory climate is clear, predictable and balances the need to protect our environment while attracting businesses and creating jobs.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

When times get tough, responsible individuals, families and business owners tighten their belts.  I believe county government should do the same. As your County Commissioner, I will put my years of business experience to work to eliminate wasteful spending and advocate for common-sense fiscal policies in New Hanover County.

Reducing Your Tax Burden

I know how hard New Hanover County’s families and small businesses work. As your County Commissioner, I will work to keep taxes low and ensure that New Hanover County continues to be an affordable place to live, work, raise a family and build a business.

Keeping our Streets Safe

I understand that one of the most important functions of government is to keep our streets, neighborhoods and schools safe.  As your County Commissioner, I will make it a priority to ensure that our law enforcement professionals have the tools and resources they need to protect the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.

Quality Education for our Children

For New Hanover County to be competitive in the recruitment and retention of sustainable jobs and new business investment, we must offer quality education options for our students and their families. The priority should be funds in the classroom- for our students and our teachers. Cape Fear Community College offers vital job training programs, which are important assets to new businesses looking at investing in NHC. I will work with the NHC Board of Education and CFCC to ensure they are successful.

About the Film Industry

The film industry continues to have a tremendous economic impact in our state and in New Hanover County, providing thousands of well paying jobs and supporting hundreds of small businesses.  State lawmakers must acknowledge the film industry’s contribution to our economy, and continue to evaluate the return on potential public investments for our state and county, to be competitive in the recruitment and retention of the film industry. I will work with our legislative delegation to ensure they know New Hanover County is open for business and welcomes the film industry.

Our Environment

Our coastal environment is our region’s primary economic engine and contributor to our quality of life, and must be protected. Groundwater, air quality, and the depletion of natural resources are issues of concern to our families and our future. Our environment and our quality of life offerings are not only what attracts and retains business investment, but are also crucial to our tourism industry, which impacts our local economy tremendously. I will support strict adherence to federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, in order to protect our environment and the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.