Thank You

It continues to be my honor to serve the citizens of New Hanover County as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. I would like to thank all of the citizens who voted for me in the Primary election and thank my campaign volunteers and all of my supporters!

I am very disappointed that I did not finish in the top three, in order to move forward to the general election in November, in order to continue to represent all of our citizens. I am pleased that I ran a positive campaign, based on the county’s issues, and my accomplishments, and my ability to build consensus among my fellow commissioners and in the community in order to move issues forward that are important to New Hanover County and all of our citizens.

I have a proven record of fiscally responsible accomplishments, including actions that support job creation and business expansion, support quality education pathways, public safety, and protecting our natural resources that contribute to our quality of life. I always do my homework, look at all sides of the issues and make decisions in the best interest of all of our citizens.

I obviously underestimated the magnitude of the orchestrated, negative false campaign attacks that utilized resources from an outside anonymous political action committee to target my race and my public service record, which is unprecedented in a local election. While we don’t know the rhyme or reason for this, in time the truth behind the tens of thousands of dollars invested will come out, and we will learn who or what special interest group is trying to buy elected officials in New Hanover County.

And perhaps I overestimated that the majority of our citizens have paid attention to my accomplishments in public service, and I should have reached out more to ensure they all knew of my record.

I am proud of my record of positive actions which will enable New Hanover County to grow and to prosper. I have maintained my self-respect, and stayed above the fray of partisan rhetoric, with independent decision making -which is in the best interest of our community. I am not tied to any special interest group, and I know that my supporters know that I am a public servant that is committed to serve all of our citizens.
I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens for another eight months in this role. We have a budget to prepare, and decisions to make, and actions to take. I plan to continue to work hard and, as a dedicated public servant, will continue to be involved in our community for many years to come.

Thank you all,

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Beth Dawson